~July 23, 2014
Hi! My name is Claire Lichy..
 I wanted to thank Dr. Dean Bechard for years of care, concern, and overall pain managment of the trauma that has happened to my body over the course of many years! He has helped me through concussions, three left foot surgeries, headaches, neck, lower back, shoulder, and massive hip and joint pain in the last few years.Nothing could have prepared me for the botched total abdominal hysterectomy I had 11 years ago. I was told that the surgeon should have removed my cesarean sear before the surgery. So when the surgeon was cutting, they hit the scar and the knife veared up about an inch-and-a-half higher on the right side. What I lived through the next year-and-a-half was just absolutely inhumane torturefor how it eneded up healing wrong.There were times at work, or at a store, that I would get a Harmon Killebrew grand slam across my lower back that would involuntarily throw my body face down on the floor! To even keep me sane, I would see Dean 2-3 times a week until I went to 6 surgeons who didnt want anything to do with it because they didnt even know what it was, let alone how to fix it! Finally the 7th one tried  to reconstructive surgery to loosen all the pulling and twisting areas of my abdomen- that left massive nerve damage and my right side pulled in. It was Dr. Bechard who diagnosed that this pulling, painful feeling through my body was from the psoas muscle in my back was pulling in towards the front- which has left me tilted to the right and when I see him, my right leg is pulled yp into my body up to an inch-and-a-half. And just now in February, on a charter boat fishing trip, motion sickness set off a series of 6 seizures and violent vomitting for 3-4 hours. They almost had to call the Coast Gaurd to airlift me to a hospital-I almost died. Dr. Dean told me to check with my doctor to get a 3T-MRI. My doctor told me that he had never heard of it and put me through a regular MRI and they called and said that my brain scan was normal. I gave Dr. Dean this information and within 24-hours a woman called me from CDI in St.Louis Park to schedule a 3T-MRI!.. From Dr.Bechard! I couln't believe it! he had such an awesome concern and worry for me that he took the bull by the horns and made it happen! The result was after 2 3T-MRI's, both of them confirmed that I have a 3mm x 4mm brain aneurysm located a little bit behind my left eye! I will NEVER be able to express my gratitude and my feelings for Dr. Bechard for what he has done for me, my husband, and my daughter who also see him! He is so personable, patient, and kind. Hands down the best doctor I've ever had!
P.S. He can even make bronchitis and colds bearable!
Many thanks!
Sincerely, Claire Lichy


August 29, 2017

Somtimes in life we wonder if we are doing the right thing. I have never wondered that about trusting my health to chiropractic.. more particularly Dr. Dean Bechard of Champlin-Dayton Chiropractic.

After serious injuries ( and surgeries) in two different auto accidents, Dean Bechard D.C. has made in possible for me to lead a normal life with minimal limitations and pain. If I was seeing a medical doctor for said injuries, I may have had to sustain myself with potent pain pills and perhaps additional surgery. There have been times, however, when he has advised me to see a medical doctor for other problems.

My office calls with him have been brief and intelligently spaced. On occasion when I have made more severe situations, he has followed up with a telephone call to me to see how I was feeling and to reassure me.

In my experience, chiropractic is as important for a comfortable lifestyle as is a healthy diet, exercise and good friends.

- Joyce A. Meyer