Sports Injuries


From recreational athletes to elite olympian contenders, sports injuries occur at all levels of play. Whether it's a shoulder injury in a professional ball player or a knee injury in a triathlete, pain takes away from the game. No one wants to be sidelined because of an injury.

Sports injuries can occur as a result of one significant trauma like a crash on a bike or hit in a football game, or they can be the result of repetitive activity over time. Many of the muscle and tendon injuries like tennis elbow, golfers elbow, rotator cuff tendinitis, shin splints and back pain are the result of the repetitive microtrauma that occurs during play and practice. If you've had any of these, you know they can be persistent and difficult to treat.

Chiropractic is ideally suited for sports injury treatment. It can help you avoid steroids and other potentially harmful substances and can help you get back into the game, whatever your sport. Our experienced doctors address the mechanical problems in the spine and in the joints of the extremities (arms and legs). This treatment:

  • corrects postural imbalances in the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bone, joints nerves).
  • speeds healing of the tissues and return to play.
  • allows complete healing of the injured joint or muscle to prevent re-injury.
  • helps the athlete to compete at peak performance.

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